Statement from Shire President - Proposed Workers Accomodation Village in Kambalda

published on Monday, 4 October 2021 at 1:06:09 PM

“I have read with interest the comments on the proposal for an accommodation village in Kambalda. It is encouraging to see the interest and amount of people who will attend the info session. I am looking forward to talking to you on Thursday evening, but I wanted to give you an indication of the Shire’s thinking to date in relation to the financial windfall that operating a village in town would bring.

A number of processes are currently running parallel. This includes continued discussions with mining companies, an EOI, tender and business plans for the supply of villages to lease in Kambalda and Coolgardie. This information along with submissions from the community will come to Council over the next 6-8 weeks for consideration.

Staff conversations with the resource companies has focused on the creation of specific funds that firstly recognise the contribution the companies are making but also specify where the money would be spent.

It is very pleasing to see the enthusiasm and willingness the companies have for ensuring that the profit is allocated to the community. These include but not limited to Kambalda West District High School, Kambalda Primary School, to community organisation and programs such as St John Ambulance Sub Centre, Kambalda Volunteer Fire Brigade, Kambalda Men’s Shed, Kambalda Cultural and Arts Group, Flounders Car Club, Kambalda Tee Ball Association, Kambalda West Playgroup, Kambalda Junior Football Program, Meals on Wheels, Increase in medical services in Kambalda, New toddlers playground areas at Kambalda Aquatic Centre and Lions Park, potential upgrade of Kambalda Skate Park and Aged Care Units

The draft business plan suggests an anticipated injection of cash over 5 years of $7.2 million and 6 years of $10 million into a community future fund. It is proposed that over the first 2-3 years something in the order of $2.2million will be allocated from the fund accordingly;

  • Upgrade Aged Care Units $600,000
  • St John Ambulance Sub Centre $200,000
  • Kambalda Volunteer Fire Brigade $200,000
  • Kambalda West District High School - $200,000
  • Kambalda Primary School - $200,000
  • Kambalda Men’s Shed $100,000
  • Kambalda Cultural and Arts Group - $100,000
  • Flounderers Car Club - $100,000
  • Kambalda Tee Ball Association - $50,000
  • Kambalda Junior Football Program - $50,000
  • Meals on Wheels – increase of up to $50,000 per annum
  • Year 11 and 12 Vet Programme at Kambalda High School - $50,000 per annum
  • Additional medical services in Kambalda – increase of up to $120,000 per annum
  • New Toddlers playground areas at Kambalda Aquatic Centre and Lions Park – up to $110,000\
  • Potential upgrade of Kambalda Skate Park – $80,000

I trust to see you on Thursday.”

Malcolm Cullen
Shire President

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