Executive Staff

Shire of Coolgardie Contacts

Administration Office

Phone: (08) 9080 2111

Email: mail@coolgardie.wa.gov.au

Kambalda Community Recreation Facility

Phone: (08) 9080 2111

Email: krc-counter@coolgardie.wa.gov.au

Coolgardie Community Recreation Centre

Phone: (08) 9080 2111

Email: coolrec@coolgardie.wa.gov.au

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Email: ea@coolgardie.wa.gov.au

Executive Assistant to the Director of Operations

Email: edo@coolgardie.wa.gov.au


Email: hr@coolgardie.wa.gov.au


Email: ao@coolgardie.wa.gov.au

Accounts Payable

Email: accounts@coolgardie.wa.gov.au

Accounts Receivable

Email: debtors@coolgardie.wa.gov.au

Technical Administration

Email: eto@coolgardie.wa.gov.au

Planning, Building and Health

Email: development@coolgardie.wa.gov.au

Ranger Services

Phone: (08) 9080 2111

Email: ranger@coolgardie.wa.gov.au

Commercial Manager Rod Franklin
Rod Franklin
Commercial Manager
0447 129 801
Deputy CEO Robert Hicks
Robert Hicks
Deputy CEO
0456 239 255
Chief Executive Officer James Trail
James Trail
Chief Executive Officer
0407 085 571