Executive Staff

Shire of Coolgardie Contacts

Administration Office

Phone: (08) 9080 2111

Email: mail@coolgardie.wa.gov.au

Kambalda Community Recreation Facility

Phone: (08) 9080 2111

Email: krc-counter@coolgardie.wa.gov.au

Coolgardie Community Recreation Centre

Phone: (08) 9080 2111

Email: counter@coolgardie.wa.gov.au

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Email: ea@coolgardie.wa.gov.au

Executive Assistant to the Deputy CEO

Email: admin@coolgardie.wa.gov.au


Email: hr@coolgardie.wa.gov.au


Email: ao@coolgardie.wa.gov.au

Accounts Payable

Email: accounts@coolgardie.wa.gov.au

Accounts Receivable

Email: debtors@coolgardie.wa.gov.au

Technical Administration

Email: eto@coolgardie.wa.gov.au

Planning, Building and Health

Email: development@coolgardie.wa.gov.au

Ranger Services

Phone: (08) 9080 2111

Email: ranger@coolgardie.wa.gov.au

Chief Executive Officer James Trail
James Trail
Chief Executive Officer
0407 085 571
Deputy CEO Robert Hicks
Robert Hicks
Deputy CEO
0419 407 808