Primary and Annual Returns

Council members, Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) and employees are expected to make decisions in the best interests of their community.  To do this, they must consider each issue on its merits. 

Decision-making could be influenced — or perceived to be influenced — in a number of ways, including through financial relationships, personal relationships and the receipt of gifts.  The Local Government Act 1995 sets out requirements for council members, CEOs and other employees to ensure transparency and accountability in decision-making.

Elected members and employees with delegated authority must disclose certain personal information when they commence at the Shire and every subsequent year while either elected, or employed at the Shire. These disclosures are called primary returns and annual returns.

A primary return is a snapshot of personal financial information as it exists upon the relevant person’s start date and must be lodged within three months of the start date.

An annual return retrospectively discloses any changes to the information previously disclosed in the primary return or new interests accumulated for the period since completing the primary return or last annual return and must be lodged no later than 31 August in any year.

In accordance with the Local Government Act 1995 and the Local Government (Administration) Regulations 1996 local governments are required to publish a list of elected members and employees (by position) that lodged a primary return and annual return for each financial year, commencing after 1 July 2020. 

Council Members

Cr Malcolm Cullen

Cr Tracey Rathbone

Cr Kathie Lindup

Cr Rose Mitchell

Cr Sherryl Botting

Cr Corey Matthews

Cr Daphne Simmons



James Trail, CEO

Anitha Nathan, Director Corporate Affairs

Terri Angel, Coolgardie Place Manager

Natalie Patten, Kambalda Place Manager

Rebecca Horan, Director Governance and Administration

Bree Crawley, Team Leader, Community Services

Daniel Garret, Ranger Services

Katherine Brooking, Manager Leisure and Recreation Development

Marc Pettit, Mechanic

Peter Miller, Works Supervisor

Corina Morgan, Finance Manager

Jason Cacic, Team Leader Ranger Services

Pergy Matsika, Manager Waste Services