Rates are issued every financial year and are payable within 35 days of issue.

Rate Payments

Pay your rates online with BPoint

For more information call the BPoint Customer Hotline on 1300 276 468.

To pay your rates in person via cash, cheque or eftpos visit:

Coolgardie Recreation Centre – Sylvester Street, Coolgardie

- Or -

Kambalda Community Recreation Facility - Irish Mulga Drive, Kambalda

During office hours of 8.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday

- Or -

Cheques or Money Orders can be mailed to:

Shire of Coolgardie
The Rates Department
PO Box138
Kambalda, WA, 6442

Please make cheques and money orders payable to the Shire of Coolgardie and attach the payment portion of your rates notice

Payment can be paid directly into Council’s bank account

Account Name: Shire of Coolgardie
BSB: 016-719
Account Number: 201587602

Please use your Assessment Number or Address as a Reference.

Payment Options

Council offers two payment options for Rates Accounts.

Option One

One instalment – Rates paid in full by the due date.

Option Two

Four Instalments – Paid on or before each due date (includes administration fee).

Penalty Interest

A standard fixed interest charge of 11%, calculated daily, will apply to all monies outstanding on council rates for a period greater than 35 days from the date of issue. This will continue until the account is paid in full. Eligible pensioners and seniors are exempt from this provision.

How are your Rates Calculated?

Local Authority Rates are based upon the Gross Rental Value (GRV) and Unimproved Values (UV) determined by the Valuer Generals Office. Rates are calculated by multiplying the properties GRV and UV by the applicable rate in the dollar, set by council.

If you believe your property has been incorrectly valued you may lodge an objection within 60 days after issue of your rates notice with the Valuer Generals Office phone: (08) 9429 8400.

Who Pays Council Rates?

Rates are the responsibility of the current owner of the property. New owners and those transferring ownership do have a legal responsibility to inform the Shire when a change in ownership or address occurs

What is an Emergency Service Levy?

The Emergency Services Levy (ESL) pays for services provided by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services . Collectively, this fee provides the community with development and maintenance to Fire Stations, Voluntary Fire Brigades, State Emergency Services, and Voluntary Emergency Services. For ESL enquiries visit Department of Fire & Emergency Services.

Need to change your address?

Please click here to view the change of address form.

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