Town Planning Schemes

A Local Planning Scheme is a statutory document that categorises land into zones, and outlines how land within those zones may be used and developed.

Shire Scheme

The Shire of Coolgardie Local Planning Scheme No. 5 provides the legal framework against which individual development proposals will be considered, along with relevant policies and guidelines. The Local Planning Scheme No. 5 is composed of the Scheme Text and the Scheme Maps. If these indicate that you need approval for your development you will need to lodge an application and it will be assessed by one of our planning officers.

The Shire of Coolgardie Planning Services team is available to assist resident, developers and landowners with any planning enquiry. Your are encouraged to discuss your projects with our staff well before formal lodgement, to ensure your application progresses as quickly as possible.

The Shire's current endorsed scheme, Local Planning Scheme No. 5 can be downloaded here


Planning Scheme Maps 

Map-01 Coolgardie Walleroo Locality North

Map-02 Mount-Burgess Locality-North

Map-03 Coolgardie Walleroo Locality South

Map-04 Coolgardie Townsite Surrounds

Map-05 Coolgardie Townsite Surrounds East

Map-06 Coolgardie Victoria Rock Locality North West

Map-07 Coolgardie Victoria Rock Locality North East

Map-08 Coolgardie Londonderry Locality

Map-09 Coolgardie Widgiemooltha Locality North East

Map-10 Coolgardie Victoria-Rock Locality South West

Map-11 Coolgardie Victoria Rock Locality South East

Map-12 Coolgardie Widgiemooltha Locality South West

Map-13 Coolgardie Widgiemooltha Locality South East

Map-14 Coolgardie Townsite North

Map-15 Coolgardie Coolgardie Townsite South

Map-16 Coolgardie Kambalda West Townsite North

Map-17 Coolgardie Kambalda East Townsite

Map-18 Coolgardie Kambalda West Townsite South

The Local Planning Scheme is to be read in conjunction with Schedule 2 (the Deemed Provisions) of the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes ) Regulations 2015.

Local Planning Strategy

The Local Planning Strategy was endorsed by the Western Australian Planning Commission on 24 October 2016 provides the Council and the community with the vision and strategic planning direction for the Shire of Coolgardie for the next 10 to 15 years.

Preparation of the Local Planning Strategy has considered all relevant State and Council plans and policies. The strategy supports and guides the review of the local planning scheme.

The Local Planning Strategy can be accessed here.