Camping and RVs

The Shire of Coolgardie is an RV Friendly Town and offers free 48-hour camping for fully self-contained vehicles in Coolgardie (Woodward Street near Coolgardie Railway Station Museum) and Kambalda (Kambalda Recreation Centre, Pool & Skate park on Barnes Drive).

The 48-hour rest stops are available free of charge and permits are not required.  However, both areas are regularly patrolled by the Shire Rangers and the following conditions apply:

  • RVs must be self-contained
  • RVs should comply with the “Leave No Trace” requirements. See for more information
  • Limit of 48 hours at any one time.
  • No waste to be left on the ground of any kind.
  • Adhere to expectations of use of the areas as posted at both 48-hour rest stops.
  • Dump points & tap water are made available at both 48-hour stop over areas.

Please be aware that any non-compliant vehicles may be issued move-on notices and or infringed.

RVs are permitted on private land for up to three nights in any period of 28 consecutive days with the owner’s consent.

Click here to view both the Coolgardie and Kambalda Town Maps.