Building Permits and Certification of Design Compliance

The Shire of Coolgardie’s role as a permit authority is to assist its community and industry with complying with legislative requirements under the Building Act 2011, Building Regulations 2012 and relevant Local Laws for all buildings constructed within the local government boundaries. 

Unless works are exempt under the Building Regulations 2012, a building permit is required prior to commencing the construction of most structures located in the city (including pools, patios, sheds, dwellings and commercial buildings). 

For further information regarding building in bushfire prone areas please click here .

Building Application Forms

Click here to access WA Building Commission application forms and guides. Please note these forms are universal and will be accepted by all WA Local Government Areas.

The following provides useful information and check sheets for preparing applications that may be relevant to the building stage of your development: 

•   Building Schedule of Fees and Charges 2023/2024
•   Builder Check sheet for Commercial Applications

Residential Development – Building Permit

There are some development works that does not require approval.  The exemption applies to works that are set out in the Planning Regulations and only applies to works that are specified in Column 1 and comply with the conditions  For further information regarding planning exemptions please click here.

The most common types of building permits the Shire receives are for residential works, to ensure you proposal meets the R-Code deemed to comply provisions, and therefore exempt from Planning approval, all building permits applications for single houses (new or extensions), garages, carports, sheds, verandah and patios a compliance checklist is to be completed by the Builder and submitted with the applications. 

•    R-Code Residential Compliance Checklist

•    Adjoining Owner and Occupier Consent Comments Form
•    Builder Check sheet for Residential Applications
•    Builder Check sheet for patio, Garage, ect Applications

Residential Variations

Where proposal involve a variation to the R-Codes deemed to comply provisions, the application will require additional information in the form of completed Variation Form.