IntraMaps allows you to view a range of information within the Shire of Coolgardie using various tools to customise what is displayed.

It will let you search on properties with a simple address or by selecting a property on the map.

Information provided includes"

  • Local Planning Scheme No 5
  • Bin Collection days
  • Bushfire Prone Areas
  • Addressing
  • Aerial Imagery
  • Property information e.g. zoning, lot boundaries and size
  • Parks and reserves
  • Community facilities
  • Constraints, heritage and environmental data
  • Infrastructure including drainage and roads
  • Leases - projects
  • All maps can be printed to scale using the Export tool.


For definitive information on zoning please view the Shire of Coolgardie Local Planning Scheme No.5.

For help on how to use IntraMaps click on the question mark in the top-right after you launch the application.

For definitive information on lot sizes and dimensions please refer to Landgate.

Important note: Landgate information contained on this website is for personal and non-commercial use and is to be used as a guide only. Use for commercial advantage or monetary compensation is strictly prohibited. Landgate takes no responsibility as to the reliability, currency or accuracy of Landgate data contained on this website or any output derived from that data.