Goldfield Women's Health Centre

Women working or living in Kambalda can now sign up for counselling for anxiety, relationship advice, self-esteem, parenting challenges, isolation and other support.

It comes after the Shire of Coolgardie, Goldfields Women’s Health Care Centre and Gold Fields formed a partnership to enable the delivery of fortnightly Women’s Health Services to the Kambalda community.

Seven confidential appointments will be made available shortly every fortnight for women aged 16 and over.

The partnership is the first of its kind in the Goldfields and will provide a local focus on supporting women’s health and wellbeing. The service will be provided through the Goldfields Women’s Health Care Centre, a not-for-profit organisation with experienced councillors who have been operating in the region for over 30 years.

“Our experienced female counsellors help women with issues, including but not limited to, mental health, relationship counselling, grief and loss, post-traumatic stress, childhood trauma, self-esteem and post-natal depression, in a safe and non-judgemental way,” said CEO, Gloria Moyle. “We’re thrilled to extend our services to the Kambalda community.”

All counselling sessions will be private and confidential, and clients will be encouraged to contribute to the service depending on their ability to pay. If able, women can also pay a little extra to “pay if forward” to help another woman.


Women aged 16 and over that live or work in Kambalda.

How to make an appointment

Confidential appointment bookings are available through Goldfields Women’s Health by calling 08 9021 8266 or sending an email to Alternatley you can visit the link below.

The service will commence in Kambalda on Wednesday 28th October .

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