Free Tablet Loan

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Through the grant opportunity offered by Good Things Foundation the centre was recently successful in their Digital Devices - and Building Digital Skills Grant applications and is now launching it's new FREE Tablet Loaning Service. Five Samsung 10.4 inch Tab A tablets including internet connectivity are ready to be loaned out to anyone over the age of 50 willing to learn new skills. A further four tablets have been purchased for use during the group sessions and for one-one-one support as required.

With the aim of encouraging more of our older community members to use the internet and everyday technology with more confidence, this program and support offers a service that can increase your knowledge about new technology or help you better understand the digital devices you may already be using.

During one of our latest sessions we invited Mark Ingh from Consumer Protection WA for Safer Internet Day to shed some light on strategies scammers are using and to help our learners to better spot and also protect themselves from becoming a victim of an online scam.

Be Connected is an Australian Government initiative funded by the Department of Social Services (DSS) and delivered by Good Things Foundation Australia and Office of the eSafety Commissioner, committed to increase the confidence, skills and online safety of older Australians.

The Kambalda Community Resource Centre is hoping to support more community members aged 50+ in the future after the Coronavirus Pandemic has made it even more difficult to stay connected with family and friends during these trying times.

Group Sessions

Group sessions are being held weekly, Tuesdays between 10.00 am - 12.00 pm in the Kambalda Public Library.
9 learners - 7 of who attend regularly, have become learners in the past 5 months and have gained skills ranging from using the internet, online forms, search engines, safe passwords, watching and listening online to downloading and using Skype and Whatsapp as well as learning how to set up a tablet.


For more information and to register, contact the KCRF staff on (08) 9080 2111 or send us an email to