Animal Control

The Shire of Coolgardie Rangers provide a variety of services aimed at safeguarding the community. Dogs and Cats can be registered at the Shire Office during operating hours.

Both dogs and cats are required to wear a collar with current registration tag attached to ensure they are easily identified and can be returned to their owner.


All cats from 6 months of age are required to be Micro chipped; Sterilized; and Registered with the Shire.


All dogs from 3 months of age are required to be Micro chipped and Registered with the Shire. Dogs are to be tethered in public unless in an off-lead dog exercise area and only then if they are responsive to and can be called back on command.


Council Pounds are located at:

Coolgardie - Coolgardie Works Depot, Lady Loch Road, Coolgardie

Kambalda - Kambalda Works Depot, Santalum Street, Kambalda West

Impounded dogs may be collected after payment of pound fees at the Shire Office and only if the dog is registered and microchipped.

If the dog is not registered and microchipped, they will not be released from the pound until the registration fee has been paid and microchipping arranged.

The Shire Ranger can microchip for a fee and this can be paid at the time of registration and an appointment organised for implantation of the microchip.

Dog Complaints

All dog complaints should be lodged at the relevant Shire Office. A Complaint as to a Nuisance Created by a Dog form will need to be completed by the complainant for the Ranger to follow up. It is also recommended that a Barking Dog Complaints Log is submitted with the form. The Shire of Coolgardie supports responsible dog ownership.

Dog Exercise Area

The Shire provides exercise areas where dogs may be unleashed, but all dogs must remain supervised at all times.

Coolgardie - Dog Exercise Area – End of Hunt Street, Coolgardie

Kambalda - East Oval, Harry Steinhauser Reserve – Serpentine Road, Kambalda

Snake Control

The Shire Ranger has authority in regards to the capture of snakes. For more information, or to identify a snake, please call the Ranger on 9080 2111 or visit the Department of Parks and Wildlife website.


For emergency dog complaints, attacks and dangerous dogs please contact the Shire Rangers. Officers will only attend emergency situations after hours.

Kambalda Ranger
Kambalda Ranger: 9080 2111

Mosquito Fogging Program 2019/2020

Please be advised the Coolgardie Shire is currently taking measures to ensure that mosquito breeding does not occur which will help prevent the incidence of mosquito borne diseases such as Ross River Virus and other similar viruses. The Shire is currently working to develop a mosquito management plan which will consider all the available strategies and techniques currently used in the industry, especially the potential for source reduction and larval treatment.

Street fogging is the spraying of an ultra-fine mist into the air from a slowly moving vehicle.  The chemicals approved for fogging are usually in the “synthetic pyrethroid” family, which are designed to target insects while having a very low toxicity towards humans and mammals. At the approved dispersion rate the fog is harmless to humans, dogs, cats and birds, but is toxic to fish and aquatic organisms. The use of fogging is weather dependant with spraying ceasing during windy conditions.

When fogging is in progress, a Shire vehicle will display flashing beacon and vehicle lights and signage notifying of fogging in progress.

In urban environments mosquitoes can breed in a range of water holding containers such as;

  • Pot plant drip trays
  • Septic and water tanks
  • Roof gutters
  • Ponds disused containers
  • Poorly maintained swimming pools
  • Dog water bowls
  • Disused car tyres

By removing or maintaining these sites, mosquito numbers can be reduced in urban areas.

Fogging is scheduled to start commencing in November 2019, and residents are invited to make comment to the Shire via email or call to discuss on 90802111.

Your attention to this matter would be appreciated in the interests of the safety, health and comfort of residents in our community.

James Trail

Chief Executive Officer