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Temporary Fuel Supply - 8 Granby Road Kambalda

Coolgardie Shire President Malcom Cullen is pleased to announce that the Shire has successfully negotiated an interim solution for the supply of diesel fuel at a site in Kambalda with local business owner Joe Little at his property at Little Industries in Granby Road, Kambalda in conjunction with Eagle Petroleum.

The temporary arrangements commence on Monday 17 September 2018 and will have effect until 31 March 2019.

Diesel Fuel will be available to the public 24/7 by use of credit card, Eagle Fuel card or Debit card.  In addition, emergency limited supply of petrol is available in 20 litre containers on request by contacting Clint Walding directly on 0448 548 853 or by email at

The Fuel arrangements are: -

  • Diesel fuel available 24/7 by use of credit card, Eagle Fuel card or Debit Card
  • Vehicles – light and heavy vehicle up to a max of 20 metres (RAV 1 network) are able to refuel at the site.
  • Access to the site is via Granby Road. Follow the directional and site signage
  • Once at the site there is a dedicated one-way driveway through the site. Please follow the directional signage
  • Petrol - Limited emergency supply of petrol being available in 20 litres contained on request by contacting Clint directly on 0448 548 853 or by email at

Coolgardie Tree Pruning Programme

Coolgardie Shire residents please be advised that the Shire has recently commenced a tree lopping programme in the Coolgardie Park.  Our contractor has found, while doing this procedure, poor tree health resulting in severe dry rot damage to some trees.

In the interest of public safety, to tourists and residents, it is unfortunate that the removal of these trees have to occur.  It is possible in the future Council may consider a replanting programme.

For any queries please contact the Shire of Coolgardie on (08) 9080 2111.

James Trail
Chief Executive Officer

Australian Red Cross : Emergency Relief

Appointments in Coolgardie on Monday's 1pm - 2pm

Appointments in Kambalda on Monday's 10am - 11.30am

Fire Control

Bush Fire Season commences from 1 November and continues through to 30 April each year.

Bush Fire Act

Under Section 33 of the Bush Fires Act 1954, everyone is required on or before the first day of November 2017 or within fourteen days of your becoming an owner or occupier of land should this be after this day to clear all firebreaks and remove flammable materials from the land owned or occupied by you as specified here under and to have the specified land and firebreaks clear of all flammable materials from the first day of November 2017 up to the thirty first day of March 2018.

Residents within the Shire of Coolgardie who have been issued correspondence regarding this matter and have not responded within the allocated time frame, your properties will be removed of flammable material as per the bush fire Act 1954 and charges for this service will be allocated to your property.

The penalty for failing to comply with the Bush Fires Act 1954 is a fine of $5000.00 and a person in default is also liable whether prosecuted or not to pay the cost of performing the work required to be done.

For further information visit the website or Ranger Services phone: 9080 2111

James Trail
Chief Executive Officer

To view current fire warnings please view the Department of Fire and Emergency Services Alerts and Warnings webpage.