Child Restraints and Road Safety Workshop

Published on Tuesday, 13 October 2020 at 11:50:42 AM

On Wednesday, 23 September the Kambalda CRC together with Kambalda West Playgroup hosted a Child Restraint information session for parents and carers to educate on the current WA laws and requirements.

We also had the Kambalda Police in attendance to inform about the latest changes for motorists caught using their mobile phones and other devices. All questions regarding the new penalties that came into effect on 1 September 2020 were answered and much important road safety information shared.

"In 2019, almost 20% of deaths on WA roads were caused by distracted drivers. 95% of all WA drivers acknowledge the danger associated with using their phone while driving, and yet surprisingly 50% of people still admit to this selfish behaviour." (Source: Road Safety Commission)

The new penalties were shocking to some parents and if caught using your mobile phone while driving the fines you may face can reach up to $1000 and 4 demerit points.

    Penalty 1 – Touching or holding your phone for audio calls: $500 and 3 demerit points.
    Penalty 2 – More distracting tasks like texting, using social media or watching videos:  $1000 and 4 demerit points.

With first hand knowledge delivered by Beverley from Anglicare WA and Carol-Anne, Road Safety Advisor at WALGA, the  Morning had everyone in attendance a go at answering questions to common road safety facts and statistics with parents getting the answer right being rewarded with some chocolate. The session was then rounded up with a demonstration of the limited view through a rear view mirror with traffic cones being placed in different perimeters at the rear of the vehicle. It showed how easy accidents involving toddlers and young children in drive ways can occur and was a real eye opener for most of the young mothers who attended that Morning. Parents also took the opportunity to have their child restraints checked at the end of the day at no cost and felt at ease to know that they are transporting their children safely and according to the correct road safety standards with some minor adjustments and corrections being carried out by a professional Road Safety Advisor.    

The highlight for our younger attendees was special guest Izzy the SDERA Road Safety Lizard who reminded the children to stop, look, listen and think before crossing roads and Izzy had plenty of time for cuddles too.

What a wonderful session full of facts and important information delivered by WALGA, Anglicare WA and the Kambalda Police.     

- Tiny Tots First Aid Course St Johns Ambulance Kambalda -

The Kambalda Community Resource Centre, Kambalda West Playgroup and St Johns WA Kambalda partnered to bring the Tiny Tots First Aid Course, delivered by St Johns WA Kambalda to the community on Friday 25th September.

This course is recommended for anyone who cares for babies and toddlers aged from newborn through to 3 years old. This includes parents and guardians, grandparents, and carers.

The course is designed for you to learn the essential skills and knowledge required to provide emergency first aid for common child related injuries and illnesses.

The 3.5 hr course was well supported and saw mums and bubs trying their skills with bandages and how to deal with difficult situations they may unfortunately find themselves in.

There were Tiny Tot First Aid kits for sale for those wanting to replace or get a new one for the house.

A big thank you to St Johns, Lauren, Tammee and Maddi who joined in later, who delivered such a fun-filled learning event and to all the parents who went along.

Kambalda West Playgroup are hoping to do a repeat this year if not early next year. It is a course they anticipate to have available twice a year.

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