Shire of Coolgardie Development and Operation of Worker Accommodation Village

Project Objective

The Shire of Coolgardie is building a worker accommodation village which will include a 200-room facility on Bluebush Road in Kambalda West as well as a dry mess, recreation room, meeting room and a small gym. The new accommodation will provide rooms for employees working on local mine sites to meet the growing needs of the mining industry. The site will be landscaped as part of the project. 


  • Developing another income-generating asset
  • Increasing its portion of own source income
  • Improving its financial ratios
  • Increasing the supply of much needed worker accommodation
  • Providing greater opportunity to integrate village occupants into community life and the local economy
  • Enable local economic growth underpinned by mining activity


  • Works will commence from April 2022 and progress until November 2022. This includes earthworks, freight, and ancillary camp works such as footpaths, landscaping and recreational areas.


  • Road maintenance will be conducted on Casuarina Road
  • Bluebush & Casuarina roads will be used for heavy vehicle access to the site.
  • Safety considerations will be put in place
  • Soft landscaping and screening along with garrison fencing will be visible

Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

Why is the Shire supporting a FIFO workforce?

  • Mining is a core part of our history & heritage, as well as our current day community. While the Shire is supportive of opportunities to host a local, residential mining workforce, we also acknowledge that many workers opt for a FIFO lifestyle.
  • There are many reasons why workers may prefer a FIFO role, with the most common reasons including partner’s work; children moving schools; poor housing options; and short term contracts.
  • Most of the conditions to attract and retain a residential workforce are set by the employer, not the village operator, so unfortunately there is little the Shire can do about this.
  • FIFO is a reality of work choices to attract and retain skilled employees. While there may be a preference for residential by local residents who have made that choice themselves research shows that the vast majority will not take it up, even if it is provided. FIFO provides a workforce choice for people.
  • FIFO workers also support local businesses – mostly for personal care items and other shopping items. The closer they live to local businesses the more they use them. A key opportunity exists for the Shire / village operator to provide local supply contracts to deliver maintenance; grounds; supply of materials etc. Also, workers at the village can be prioritised to be sourced locally.

How is the Shire helping support local businesses and accommodation providers?

  • The proposed location of the village close to the shops, hotel and pool is expected to create a critical mass of people to support local businesses. On average, workers will spend at least one night eating out – just to break the monotony of village life.
  • Local businesses and accommodation providers will only be affected if they have existing arrangements with companies to accommodate and provide services to FIFO workers. The Shire President, Deputy President and CEO have met with the Hoteliers to discuss concerns expressed regarding this issue.
  • Where possible, local contractors will be engaged for any maintenance required for grounds, water, sewerage and power given that the proposed management would be under the auspice of the Shire.


Will the village create unwanted traffic, congestion, or noise?

  • Villages tend to be very quiet due to workers needing to respect people sleeping at different times due to shift work.
  • School traffic times and vehicle movements are at different times to those of the traffic to and from the village. The traffic for the Village will also be along Blue Bush Road (not Salmon Gum Road).
  • Village rooms will have proper sound proofing and block out blinds as per any standard workers’ village.


Why do we need a Workers Accommodation Village?

  • 92% of Shire’s rate revenue last financial year was paid by the mining companies, associated contractors and people employed by the mining companies or contractors. The Shire’s rates revenue is directly invested back into the community in order to support key infrastructure and service delivery.
  • 75% of staff employed in the Shire of Coolgardie work for Mining Companies or associated contractors. This is a key industry for our community which the Shire needs to support.
  • The Shire of Coolgardie CEO has met with and/or spoken to Mining General Manager’s or Chief Operating Officers on numerous occasions in regard to demand for accommodation. All have maintained that a lack of accommodation is critical to their operations.


What benefit will the Workers Accommodation Village bring to the Shire of Coolgardie?

  • The operation of the village is expected to generate a positive financial outcome for the community and the Shire.
  • All funds will be placed in a Reserve Fund for future community events, activities, programmes, and infrastructure.
  • The revenue from the proposed lease for worker’s accommodation village will contribute directly to benefit the community. The revenue will not be used to off-set the Shire’s overheads or cost of administration, but to maintain and enhance services, community programmes and events and community infrastructure.


Should you have any queries in relation to the works, please contact the Project Manager via email at or call the Shire office on 9080 2111.

Project Updates

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Road Notices

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Business Plans for Major Land Undertaking and Major Trading Undertaking


Business Plan: 562 Salmon Gum Road, Kambalda West, Western Australia


Business Plan: Gnarlbine Road, Coolgardie, Western Australia

Submission forms can be collected from the front desks at the Kambalda Community Recreation Facility or the Coolgardie Community Recreation Centre.

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