Notice of Special Meeting

Published on Friday, 9 December 2022 at 12:50:02 PM

In accordance with Regulation 12 of the Local Government (Administration) Regulations, notice is hereby given that a Special Meeting of Council will be held on Tuesday, 13 December 2022 commencing at 5.30pm at the Kambalda Recreation Facility, Barnes Drive, Kambalda.

For the amended purpose of:

  1. Intention to Borrow Funds -$500,000 -purpose of the expansion of accommodation at Kambalda Village. Lot 562 Bluebush Road, Kambalda West
  2. Intention to Borrow Funds -$1,000,000 -purpose of the development of residential housing on Lot 1230, 11 Goodenia Court, Kambalda West
  3. Keynote Presentation at Major UN Event
  4. Bluebush Village Agreements with Mining Companies and Contractors


James Trail

Chief Executive Officer