National Volunteer Week - Thank you Bee & Baz!

Published on Monday, 15 May 2023 at 5:00:00 AM

Volunteers play a huge role in creating community and this week we highlight their efforts.


Bianca and Barry Johnston (Bee & Baz)

Who do you volunteer for and how long have you been volunteering with them?

Kambalda Volunteer Fire & Rescue Service - Bee (12 years) & Baz 16 years.

NIckeltown Flounderers - Bee 7 years as Secretary, Baz 7 Years as president

Why did you choose to volunteer?

Baz (Fire Brigade) - I was involved with both the Junior & Senior running teams. When i was younger I had a really bad burn incident and never wanted someone to go through what I did then.

Bee (Fire Brigade) - I was also involved in both Junior and Senior running teams and it was only fitting to become a volunteer firefighter. I always wanted to drive the big red fire truck and now I do.

Nickeltown Flounderers -There was no one else willing to take it on, so we took it on given our love for cars.

What would you say to someone thinking about volunteering?

Get involved. There is a job for everyone . The world really needs more volunteers, especially in smaller towns like Kambalda. Without volunteers, emergency services groups and sporting clubs wouldn't exist.


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