Lifeguard Collaboration Enhances Safety and Employs Local Youth in Kambalda

Published on Tuesday, 13 February 2024 at 12:33:38 PM

L-R: Herangi Te Hira, Ella Dowdle, Kyra Sinton, Tawhiri Rapihana.

In a heartening display of community collaboration and proactive safety measures, the Royal Life Saving Western Australia (RLSWA), Kambalda West District High School, and the Shire of Coolgardie have joined forces to bolster lifeguard services at the Kambalda Aquatic Facility. This initiative sees four local students complete the Royal Lifesaving Bronze Medallion course and step into the role of lifeguards, ensuring the safety and well-being of facility patrons.

Trained through rigorous programs like the bronze course, these lifeguards bring essential skills to their roles. From responding swiftly to emergencies to enforcing safety protocols, their presence signifies a steadfast commitment to safeguarding individuals utilizing aquatic facilities. By integrating these trained individuals into the staff, the Shire underscores its dedication to providing a secure environment for the community.

Beyond day-to-day supervision, these lifeguards play a pivotal role during peak times or events, where the demand for their services surges. Their vigilant presence not only enhances safety measures but also provides an additional layer of protection, assuring community members of a secure recreational experience.

Moreover, this collaborative endeavor extends beyond safety enhancements. It serves as a beacon of opportunity for local youth, offering valuable employment prospects within their community. Herangi Te Hira, Tawhiri Rapihana, Ella Dowdle, and Kyra Sinton, the four students entrusted with this responsibility, have had a great start and the possibilities are endless.

In essence, this initiative is a testament to the power of collaboration and proactive measures in fostering a safer and more inclusive community. By prioritizing safety and providing meaningful employment opportunities, the lifeguard collaboration in Kambalda sets a commendable standard for community-driven initiatives across the region

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