Coolgaride Adventure: Inter-town Holiday Fun for Kids

Published on Wednesday, 17 January 2024 at 3:50:56 PM

The Intertown Holiday Program treated 5-12-year-old children from Kambalda and Coolgardie to an exciting day out in Coolgardie. A bus ride took them to three fantastic destinations – Coolgardie Mini Golf, the local museum, and the Coolgardie pool.

Starting with a lively round of mini-golf, the kids showcased their putting skills, creating joyous memories amidst lush greenery. The journey continued at the Coolgardie Museum, where history came to life through engaging exhibits, providing both entertainment and education.

The day reached its peak at the Coolgardie pool, offering a refreshing escape from the Australian sun. Laughter and splashes echoed as the children from both towns formed bonds and shared stories. The excursion not only provided a day of fun but also fostered friendships, creating a sense of unity within the Shire of Coolgardie.

This Intertown Excursion to Coolgaride was a resounding success, leaving a lasting impression on the young participants and contributing to the community spirit of the Shire of Coolgardie.

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