Celebrating International Men’s Health Week

Published on Thursday, 16 June 2022 at 10:04:21 AM

Owen from Regional Men's Health teaching people about mental health.

Our men folk this morning were encouraged by Owen from Men’s Regional Health to measure their waist line (chassis), have their blood pressure checked (oil pressure) and evaluate their stress/coping skills (shock absorbers) in order to maintain health and longevity (smooth running vehicle). 

General information in bloke terms was shared with the moto being “Before it all gets too much .. Talk to a mate!”. Owen had a great connection with those in attendance and used examples of self care that the audience could relate to such as using an elastic band to illustrate mental health and stress referring to capacity and that each individual has their own capacity.

Rachel represented Cancer Council WA sharing the benefit of good life style/nutrition as well as the importance of recognizing changes to our body that can lead to early detection and treatment of most cancers.

Ajit from Centrecare explained the importance of a financial check up and shared of his free service to steer through these choppy uncertain times most of us are facing right now.  Bottom line .. we don’t have to struggle and stress about this, help is just a phone call away.

Lloyed from Goldfields Chiropractic & Healing Centre spoke with a number of people about the importance of exercise and good posture to keep us all moving the right direction.

There was great feedback from those who attended.


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