Breaking Barriers: Introducing Communication Boards for Nonverbal Children

Published on Friday, 2 June 2023 at 1:49:26 PM

At the Shire of Coolgardie, we believe in a community where everyone's voice is heard, regardless of their ability to speak. That's why we are thrilled to announce the unveiling of our groundbreaking Communication Boards designed specifically for nonverbal children. This extraordinary initiative was sparked by a resident's suggestion and embraced wholeheartedly by our dedicated Shire staff, who worked tirelessly with Speech Pathologists and Two Way Street to bring this vision to life.

Over six months of meticulous planning and collaboration, our passionate team crafted the content of these boards with the guidance of experts. Together with Two Way Street and Leah Lynham, we created custom boards for each location while ensuring consistency with generic images and wording, aligning them with Communication Boards found throughout Australia.

These thoughtfully designed Communication Boards are set to make a profound impact as they find their place in six key locations across the Shire of Coolgardie. From the enchanting Kambalda East Nature Playground to the lively Kambalda and Coolgardie Aquatic Facilities, and even the bustling Kambalda Primary School, these boards will foster inclusivity and break down the communication barriers faced by our nonverbal community members, especially children.

The official unveiling ceremony on Tuesday, May 30th was a momentous occasion, graced by esteemed guests such as Ali Kent MP, local Member of Parliament, Shire President Malcolm Cullen, and Leah Lynham. Together, they witnessed the tremendous potential and significance of these Communication Boards, acknowledging the positive ripple effect they will have on the lives of nonverbal individuals throughout our community.

Shire President Malcolm Cullen expressed his pride in introducing these Communication Boards, declaring, "We are dedicated to building a thriving community where everyone has a voice. These boards serve as a testament to our commitment to breaking down barriers and creating a world where communication knows no boundaries."

Our Communication Boards feature a range of visual symbols and text, empowering nonverbal children to express themselves effectively and confidently. By providing a consistent platform for communication, these boards enable individuals to engage, collaborate, and participate more fully in the vibrant life of our community.

At the Shire of Coolgardie, we are breaking barriers and opening doors to a world of inclusion and empowerment. Together, let us embrace a future where every voice is heard, and communication knows no bounds.

comms board

comms board

comms board


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