The Coolgardie Recreation Centre Open Night Initiative: Bridging Community Needs

Published on Friday, 21 June 2024 at 9:27:43 AM

Get out of the cold every Wednesday from 4:30pm at the Coolgardie Recreation Centre!

The Shire of Coolgardie is excited to announce the launch of the Open Night Initiative at the Coolgardie Recreation Centre, a program designed to meet the evolving needs of our vibrant community. Inspired by direct feedback from residents, this initiative aims to create a safe, engaging, and accessible environment for social sports and community interactions.

The inspiration for the Open Night Initiative came directly from community members who expressed a need for the recreation centre to be open later in the evening. Many residents highlighted that their work schedules often extend beyond the standard closing time of 4:30 pm, leaving them with limited options for recreational activities.

Beyond practical considerations, there was a strong desire for a venue where adults could engage in social sports and enjoy casual get-togethers in a friendly environment. The recreation centre, built to serve as a hub for sports and community activities, was the perfect place to fulfill this need.

The goals of the Open Night sessions are multifaceted. Primarily, we aim to bring together working community members by providing a consistent, evening-time venue where they can meet friends and colleagues in a relaxed and social setting. This initiative seeks to reactivate the recreation centre as a central hub for social and sporting activities while ensuring a safe place for everyone to enjoy. By maintaining regular opening times, we hope to keep the community well-informed and encourage regular participation.

Planning the Open Night events involved a collaborative approach, starting with community consultation. We reached out to the individuals who initially inquired about extended hours to better understand their expectations and desires. Staffing was another crucial aspect, and we were fortunate to have a dedicated staff member available to oversee the trial period, ensuring security and supervision during the extended hours.

Looking beyond the initial four-week period, our hope is to see strong community participation that will justify keeping the centre open in the evenings permanently.

The success of the Open Night Initiative is further supported by collaborations with local groups such as the Coolgardie Police Staff and the Coolgardie Volunteer Fire Brigade. Their involvement and commitment are instrumental in making this initiative a success.
The Open Night Initiative represents a significant step forward in making the Coolgardie Recreation Centre a more inclusive and vibrant part of our community. We invite all residents to participate and help us create a lively and engaging environment for all.

This is a free activity and welcome all those aged 12 and above. Plus, it's a fantastic opportunity to meet and mingle with other community members.

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