Stitching Stories: The Artistry of Kambalda's Quirky Quilters

Published on Tuesday, 18 June 2024 at 10:26:31 AM

In a celebration of artistry and meticulous technique, the Kambalda Quirky Quilters Patchwork group, recently captivated art enthusiasts and community members with their exquisite quilt display, held at the Kambalda Community library from 4-7 June 2024.

The event, which showcased a diverse array of quilting techniques and designs, highlighted the group's dedication to preserving traditional quilting methods while embracing innovative approaches.

Quirky Quilters expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to share their passion with the community. Plans are already underway for future events and collaborations, aiming to further promote the art of quilting.

The Quirky Quilters showcase not only celebrated the beauty of quilting but also highlighted the dedication and creativity of its members. Through their collective efforts, they continue to enrich the cultural tapestry of our community and beyond, one stitch at a time.

Quirky Quilters welcome new members of the community to come along and join them, experienced or not, or bring along your hobby to the Kambalda Community Recreation Facility Mondays from 8.30am – 3.00pm. For more information please phone Nicky Treen M: 0428 428 832 or Irene Duke 0429 208 021

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