Intergenerational Harmony and Empowerment: A Memorable Day in Kambalda

Published on Thursday, 20 June 2024 at 10:45:04 AM

Yesterday, the Shire of Coolgardie witnessed a heartwarming and enlightening event that beautifully blended education with community bonding. Organized by the Goldfields Community Legal Centre in collaboration with the Shire of Coolgardie, Older People Rights Service Northern Suburbs Community Legal Centre Inc, and Monadelphous, the day aimed to both educate and unite different generations within our community.

The event had two primary objectives. Firstly, to educate people of all ages about elder abuse—what it is, how to recognize it, and where to seek help. Secondly, to foster an intergenerational connection between the children from the Christian Aboriginal Parent-Directed School Kurrawang (CAPS Kurrawang) and our seniors.

The day began with a touching performance by the students of the Christian Aboriginal Parent-Directed School Kurrawang. Their singing set a beautiful tone, bridging the gap between young and old with the universal language of music. Following the performance, the children paired up with seniors for a unique and enriching activity: interviewing the seniors about their lives and creating portraits of their new friends. The room buzzed with laughter and stories, as both generations found joy in each other's company.

Afternoon Tea provided another opportunity for connection, as seniors and children shared a meal and continued their conversations. Principal Kylie Meredith, who had envisioned this intergenerational event since 2019, expressed her delight at finally seeing it come to fruition. She emphasized the mutual benefits of such interactions—children learning valuable life lessons from their elders, and seniors experiencing the joy and social engagement that comes from connecting with the younger generation. Meredith also highlighted her hopes that the event would break down not just age barriers, but cultural ones as well.

As the children bid their farewells, the room was filled with smiles, hugs, and a sense of accomplishment. The second part of the afternoon shifted focus to a critical issue: elder abuse. Two guest speakers, Bianca Marson, Coordinator for Elder Rights WA with Legal Aid, and Rowena Petrenas LLB, Senior Solicitor from Older Peoples Rights Service, took the floor. They presented the seniors with vital information about elder abuse, illustrating what it can look like through real-life scenarios and explaining where to find help.

The session was interactive, with the floor opened up to questions from the seniors. The eagerness and engagement from the audience were palpable, as they took the opportunity to seek clarity and guidance on this important topic. Tara Rout, Centre Manager from the Goldfields Community Legal Centre, emphasized that the day’s goal was empowerment and education—not just for seniors, but for the entire community. By raising awareness about elder abuse, the event aimed to ensure everyone knew where to get help and support.

The day was a resounding success, blending joy, learning, and community spirit. It served as a reminder of the strength and resilience of our community when we come together to support and learn from each other. Thank you to everyone that came, especially the students from CAPS Kurrawang. 

For anyone needing support regarding elder abuse or legal matters related to family and civil law, or tenancy matters, the Goldfields Community Legal Centre is available at 08 9021 1888 or via their website at


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