Coolgardie Firefighters Ignite Fitness Flames in DFES Wellbeing Challenge

Published on Wednesday, 20 March 2024 at 1:46:28 PM

Sparks flew, laughter echoed, and muscles flexed as the Coolgardie Volunteer Fire & Rescue Brigade blazed a trail of wellness at the Coolgardie Gym last week.

Led by the dynamic Shire of Coolgardie Personal Trainer, Estelle Barange, these firefighting heroes sparked their passion for fitness as part of the Annual DFES Wellbeing Challenge.

In a display of unity and determination, the Coolgardie Volunteer Fire & Rescue Brigade traded in their fire hoses for dumbbells, embracing a PT session from 6pm to 7pm. Under the guidance of Estelle , renowned for her infectious energy and motivational prowess, the firefighters tackled squats, lunges, and slamball slams with gusto.

The commitment of our firefighting community to prioritize their physical, mental, and social wellbeing is truly commendable. It's incredible to witness the camaraderie and dedication they bring to the DFES Wellbeing Challenge.

As part of the DFES Wellbeing Challenge, the Coolgardie Volunteer Fire & Rescue Brigade has been on a mission to bolster their holistic health by engaging in various activities throughout the month. From group workouts to mindfulness exercises and social gatherings, these firefighters are igniting a culture of self-care and support within their ranks. 

"Training alongside these remarkable individuals was an absolute blast," shared Estelle Barange, the driving force behind the energetic PT session. "Their resilience and team spirit are truly inspiring. We sweated, we laughed, and we cheered each other on every step of the way."

"The DFES Wellbeing Challenge isn't just about physical fitness; it's about strengthening our bonds as a team and uplifting each other," expressed one of the firefighters, wiping sweat from their brow. "Together, we're not just fighting fires; we're fighting for our wellbeing." 

As the sun dipped below the horizon, leaving streaks of fiery hues in its wake, the Coolgardie Volunteer Fire & Rescue Brigade emerged from the gym, invigorated and empowered. With renewed vigor and a sense of unity, they stand ready to face any challenge that comes their way, fueled by the flames of wellness and camaraderie.

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