Community Puzzle

Published on Friday, 28 July 2023 at 2:06:00 PM

Step into our cozy Kambalda library, where books line the shelves, and a team is always happy to see you! We invite you to help us in completing the community puzzle!

Set up on one of our large tables, this captivating jigsaw puzzle beckons everyone to take part in the shared joy of problem-solving. Young and old, bookworms and puzzle enthusiasts alike, gather around the table, where the puzzle pieces await their turn to find their rightful place.

We encourage each passerby is to stop, even if only for a moment, to add a piece or two to the evolving masterpiece. If you're seeking a brief escape into a world of colours and patterns or simply a chance to have a moment of quiet, come on in and be a part of this delightful puzzle adventure!

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