Blokes Day BBQ provides more than lunch

Published on Friday, 16 June 2023 at 11:33:16 AM

This month at the Coolgardie Rec Centre we held our Blokes Day BBQ Lunch to raise awareness during men’s health week. This year’s theme was developing healthy habits such as healthy eating and being involved with community groups and events. The BBQ was a good experience for everyone, we had a variety of food including sausages, burgers, and potato salad.

Terry Melrose from the regional men’s health initiative attended the BBQ to help promote positive mental and physical health through a speech and a pit stop that provided resources and education about various health topics and healthy habits. The regional men’s health initiative is a not-for-profit organization that aims to raise awareness about men’s health and wellbeing in regional communities.

We also had a visit from the St Johns Ambulance crew who did health checks to help promote a healthy lifestyle. We also had a raffle for everyone who attended, and anyone who participated in the St John’s Ambulance health checks, or the men's health initiative activities was given extra tickets. We also awarded extra raffle tickets to anyone who completed one of the puzzles.

Overall, the BBQ was a major success for everyone, and we are looking forward to having more events like it in the future.

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