Free Tax Return With Curtin University Using Zoom

Published on Friday, 23 September 2022 at 11:06:29 AM

The Coolgardie Resource Centre has partnered with Curtin University and their Curtin Tax Clinic “CTC”.  The CTC is a student-run clinic, where you will receive advice from Curtin taxation students under the supervision of experienced tax practitioners.  T

he appointment is conducted using Zoom (an almost face-to-face experience using real time internet technology – similar to video chat) between the resident and student.  In most cases, this is a free service. 

The CTC can assist you with

  • Advice on taxation matters
  • Responding to a notice from the Australian Taxation Office
  • Assist with tax affairs such as
    • Meeting reporting or filing requirements
    • Applying for remission of penalties
    • Negotiating a payment plan with the Australian Taxation Office
    • Computing tax liability
  • Advice if you are dissatisfied with an assessment and want to know what your rights are
  • Help with on-going Australian Taxation Office issues
  • Understand how to complete and submit your tax return on your behalf


You are eligible for assistance if you

  • Do not have a tax agent (are unrepresented)
  • An Australian resident or permanent resident
  • Individual or small business entity

You can apply for assistance using the online application form at or phone 08 9266 2575 or emailing

Another option is to pop into the Coolgardie Resource Centre, 69 Sylvester Street, Coolgardie and complete your application.  We will email your application to CTC and set up your appointment using our smart TV.  An easy process with great results as you can see from the image below.

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