Damper Day & Let’s Cook Bush Tucker!

Published on Tuesday, 11 July 2023 at 1:33:00 PM

During the NAIDOC Week celebrations in Kambalda, the youth were invited to take part in many activities to celebrate and honour Australia’s Indigenous Aboriginal culture and people.

On Thursday, 6 July Bega attended the Kambalda Community Recreation Facility to teach children how to make damper, a traditional Australian bush bread that holds deep cultural significance.

The children gather around with a sense of excitement and curiosity as they learn about the history and importance of damper in the Aboriginal culture. They listen as they learnt how damper has been a staple food for generations, sustaining Aboriginal communities throughout history.

The children had the opportunity to learn how to make damper themselves by mixing flour, water and salt together, careful kneading and then, of course, was the taste testing at the end!

The following day, the youth were treated to a Bush Tucker cooking class with Syke and Megan from Centrecare Kalgoorlie. During the class the children were taught to make Bully Beef and Mereny using a range of vegetable, minces beef and bacon.

Each of the children had the opportunity to be involved making these meals in this amazing, hands-on experience.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Youth team at Bega and Megan from Centrecare for coming to Kambalda to help us learn about and celebrate Naidoc Week.

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