Notice of Special Meeting

Published on Friday, 29 April 2022 at 11:54:43 AM


Please be advised that the Special Meeting by electronic means called for 4 pm April 29, 2022 has now been cancelled.

In accordance with Regulations 12(3) and 14D(2)(a) of the Local Government (Administration) Regulations 1996 and Meeting Procedures Local Law 3.3 (3), a Special Meeting of the Council of the Shire of Coolgardie will be electronically commencing at 4pm on Friday 29 April 2022 for the purpose of considering the following item:

  • Covid-19 Mandates

The minutes of the meeting will be available on the Shire’s website as soon as practicable after the meeting to meet the requirements of Regulation 14E(3)(b)(i) of the Local Government (Administration) Regulations 1996.


Public questions and deputations may be submitted electronically to this meeting and must be received by 3pm on 29 April 2022.


James Trail
Chief Executive Officer