Shire of Coolgardie’s CEO Exceeds Council’s Expectations in Performance Review

Published on Friday, 30 April 2021 at 8:49:23 AM

At the Ordinary Council Meeting on 27 April 2021, Council discussed the performance review of James Trail, CEO and resolved to endorse the CEO Performance Review for 2020/21 with a commendation to the CEO on a more than a satisfactory performance result.

Council expressed extreme satisfaction with the CEO’s performance and acknowledged the many ways James Trail exceeded expectations in 2020/21 especially in relation to his management of COVID-19 pandemic and how he demonstrated resilience by ensuring services and projects continued to be delivered despite the multitude of restrictions.  This included providing regular updates on the pandemic and impact on Shire services and facilities, as well as commencing the online delivery of several services to ensure the community remained connected during lock-down.

Of note was the speed in which the CEO launched the Meals on Wheels program for seniors during COVID-19 when the Prime Minister advised that people aged 70 and over should stay at home and self-isolate for their own protection.  

CEO James Trail rallied the support of several major mining companies to fund the project, enabling Shire of Coolgardie staff and volunteers to commence the safe delivery of meals in Kambalda and Coolgardie for seniors – a service which is still in place today with over 200 meals delivered weekly.  

Shire President, Malcolm Cullen, commented on the strong financial health of the organisation due to James Trail’s expertise in financial management during a challenging time.

“At a time when not only local governments but many businesses around Australia have struggled financially, the Shire of Coolgardie has managed to keep its head above water this financial year.  To do this required significant management by the CEO who worked tirelessly to ensure the Council had the necessary cash flow to run its day-to-day services to the community.  We cannot thank James enough for his efforts and expertise in guiding the Shire through this challenging time – it was invaluable,” said Cr Cullen.

Cr Cullen, also expressed extreme satisfaction in the recent Community Perceptions Survey 2021 which indicated a glowing return in community confidence in the Shire from the previous survey in 2019. Across 27 service areas, the Shire received ratings of significant improvement with a 17% increase in the overall reception by the community as a place to live.

“James has worked hard to increase community satisfaction with the Shire’s performance which is demonstrated by 83% of respondents rating performance as average to excellent – a 25% increase on previous years.” 

The Council thanked James for this years’ hard work and commented that they are proud to have an energetic CEO to guide the Shire of Coolgardie through the next few very exciting years with the resurgence of the mining industry providing significant opportunities and benefit for our communities. 

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