8 ways to commemorate ANZAC Day at home

Published on Wednesday, 22 April 2020 at 4:00:00 PM

With traditional ANZAC Day services not being held this year due to coronavirus (COVID-19), there are a number of ways you can get involved from home.

Here are 8 ways you can commemorate ANZAC Day at home:

1. Join the Driveway Dawn Service

RSLWA is encouraging all Western Australians to come together in a show of mateship and participate in a driveway dawn service this Saturday. Stand at the end of your driveway or balcony and light a candle as a tribute to our fallen servicemen and women, and to those who have or still serve today.

Tune into ABC Radio, 6PR, 96FM and 6IX for the dawn commemoration that commences at 6am and will include The Ode, The Last Post and one-minute’s silence. 

If you’re a musician, we invite you to play The Last Post or Reveille from your driveway or balcony. You can download sheet music and rehearse with information provided at MusicforMateship.org.

2. Bake ANZAC biscuits

ANZAC biscuits were sent to soldiers by their wives, girlfriends and loved ones as the ingredients did not spoil easily and the biscuits kept well during transportation. The traditional biscuits were eaten as a substitute for bread, and were often so hard that some soldiers preferred to grind them up and eat them as porridge.

Consider baking a batch this ANZAC Day – the Australian War Memorial has shared their favourite recipe.

3. Hang a poppy wreath in your window

Instead of laying a wreath in-person at a memorial, display a handmade wreath in your front window or on your doorstep. Wreaths can be made from paper plates, egg cartons or even cupcake liners! Show us your creative side and post the picture with the hashtag #SOCRemembers

4. Plant rosemary in your garden

Rosemary is often seen at ANZAC ceremonies across the country, usually pinned to the chest. During World War I, sprigs of rosemary were worn to honour the fallen in Gallipoli, as the plant grows natively on the Gallipoli peninsula.

Consider planting a rosemary bush in your garden this weekend, or hang a rosemary wreath on your front door.

5. Watch an ANZAC Storytime video

Watch a special ANZAC edition of Storytime, hosted by Nancy on our Facebook page.

6. Decorate your letterbox and front yard

Handcraft poppies for your letterbox or use chalk to draw pictures of poppies in your driveway – let’s bring the ANZAC spirit to the Shire of Coolgardie.

The Australian War Memorial has a DIY poppy template you can download and print at home.

7. Have a traditional Gunfire Breakfast

Following the dawn service, fire up your barbeque or grill and cook up a traditional gunfire breakfast of bacon, eggs and sausages and raise a cup of tea or coffee for the fallen.

‘Gunfire’ refers to the rum-laced coffee or tea that was served alongside bacon and eggs during the war as ‘liquid courage’ to help soldiers face the coming battles.

8. Follow the Shire of Coolgardie’s Virtual ANZAC Day on Facebook

On 25 April 2020, the Shire of Coolgardie’s Facebook page will be hosting several events of remembrance to commemorate ANZAC Day.

A series of videos will be launched throughout the day with poems, a minute of silence and musical tributes presented by local community members in Kambalda and Coolgardie.

Follow the Shire of Coolgardie on Facebook and join the Facebook event here.


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