Kambalda Waste Transfer Station

The Shire of Coolgardie is constructing a transfer station in Kambalda which will allow for better waste management at the existing landfill site, significantly reduce operating costs and support improved reduction of waste to landfill.   

Background – Kambalda Tip Contaminated Stockpiles

  • In the early to late 2000’s, a series of solid waste importation events took place at the Kambalda Tip Site that allegedly breached the waste acceptance procedures required for the site’s landfill licence being a Class 2 landfill.
  • The area was fenced off immediately in accordance with Department of Water and Environmental Regulations (DWER) instructions.
  • DWER has been working closely with the Shire of Coolgardie to develop and implement a Remediation Action Plan (RAP) for the Kambalda Tip Site.
  • In 2018, the Shire commissioned Strategen Environmental (Strategen) to undertake a detailed site investigation to further inform the Remedial Action Plan.

Kambalda Tip Operational Issues  

  • The licencing regulations for the existing Kambalda tip stipulates that it must be covered with soil every single day. This is due to the site receiving an excess of +5,000 tonnes per annum and being in a high-wind area.
  • The depth of the water table at the Kambalda tip site makes future disposal of waste extremely problematic.
  • The water table is between 19 – 28 meters but, as the tip site is situated on a lakebed, the water table rises significantly during heavy rain periods rendering current cells unusable for between 2 months to 2 years.
  • Regulations require the Kambalda Tip site to be covered with soil every single day and due to the water table, the tip lacks the amount of soil required to comply with regulations.

Kambalda Transfer Station Project Rational

  • In the 2018/19 FY, the Shire was expending approximately $160,000 per annum to cover the tip face and meet the licensing conditions for the Kambalda Tip. The development of a transfer station will significantly reduce operational costs.
  • DWER recommended that the development of a transfer station will further isolate the contaminated stockpile area and eliminate the costs associated with having to rehabilitate the entire tip site.
  • In 2018, the Shire issued a survey to the community regarding the possible development of a transfer station in Kambalda. 75% of respondents (over 150 people) requested that the Kambalda Tip become a transfer station to allow more flexible opening hours.

Current Status

  • Strategen have developed recommendations in consultation with the Shire of Coolgardie for managing the contaminated waste stockpiles. These recommendations have been updated in the RAP (Remediation Action Plan) and submitted to the DWER for consideration.
  • The Shire is now awaiting instructions from the DWER as to what course of action they prefer and which actions the Shire is required to implement in relation to the Kambalda Contaminated Stockpiles.
  • The construction of the Kambalda Transfer Station is completed and awaiting sign off by DWER.