Development Services

Development services encompasses Building, Planning and Health.


A building application is required prior to commencing construction for most structures including pools, patios, sheds, dwellings, and commercial buildings. To apply, an application with a copy of site plans and construction specifications must be submitted to the Shire for evaluation. All applications can be found under Council, Document Centre. For more information on building codes please visit the Building Commission website.


Is recommended as best practice to contact the Shire’s Development Services division in the early stages of planning for your development to ascertain how the Shire’s requirements may apply to your proposal. Planning decisions are based on the Shire's Town Local Planning Scheme No. 5. Therefore if you are intending to use a property for a particular purpose or intend to build on a property you first need to obtain planning approval from the Shire. Application forms can be found in out document centre. You can also view the Town Planning Scheme No. 5 in the Publications Centre or from the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage website. For more information on Residential Design Codes please visit the Planning WA website.


The Shire regulates and manages environmental and public health risks in areas such as food safety, development control, disease control, pollution control and community living. Where acceptable standards are not met, in some circumstances, the Shire may assume an enforcement role.

For more information on health issues please visit the Department of Health website.