Animal Control

The Shire of Coolgardie Rangers provide a variety of services aimed at safeguarding the community. Dogs and Cats can be registered at the Shire Office during operating hours. Registrations for Dogs and Cats are from the 1st November to the 31 October each year.


All cats that have reached 6 months of age are required to be Micro chipped; Sterilized; and Registered with the Shire in the interests of providing for better management of the unwanted impacts of cats on the community and the environment, as well as encourage responsible cat ownership.

Cats will be required to wear a collar and registration tag to ensure that owned cats can be easily identified and returned to their owner.


All dogs over 3 months of age are required to be registered. Concessions on registration costs are allowed for dogs that are sterilized. People holding Pensioner Concession Cards are also entitled to a reduction on the registration cost of their dog.

For further information regarding registration and the Dog Act, please contact the Shire Office (08) 9080 2111.

For more information on Cat and Dog Registration requirements and legislation, please visit the Department of Local Government website.


Council Pounds are located at:

COOLGARDIE: Coolgardie Works Yard, Woodward Street, Coolgardie

KAMBALDA: Kambalda Works Depot, Santalum Street, Kambalda West

Impounded dogs may be collected after payment of pound fees at the Shire Office and only if the dog is registered. If the dog is not registered they will not be released from the pound until the registration fee has been paid.

Dog Complaints

All dog complaints should be lodged at the relevant Shire Office. A Complaint as to a Nuisance Created by a Dog form will need to be completed by the complaintant for the Ranger to follow up. It is also recommended that a Barking Dog Complaints Log is submitted with the form. The Shire of Coolgardie supports responsible dog ownership.

Dog Exercise Area

The Shire provides exercise areas where dogs may be unleashed, but all dogs must remain supervised at all times.

Kambalda - East Oval, Harry Steinhauser Reserve – Serpentine Road, Kambalda

Coolgardie - Dog Exercise Area – End of Hunt Street, Coolgardie

Snake Control

The Shire Senior Ranger has authority in regards to the capture of snakes. For more information, or to identify a snake, please call the Ranger on 9080 2111 or visit the Department of Parks and Wildlife website.


For emergency dog complaints, attacks and dangerous dogs please contact the Shire Rangers. Officers will only attend emergency situations after hours

Kambalda Ranger – 9080 2111

Petcare Information and Advisory Service

View the Petcare and Advisory website.