Golden Feather Hunt extended till 28 May 2021

Published on Thursday, 13 May 2021 at 3:38:48 PM


The last school holidays have not only seen kids of all ages enjoying the school holiday programs and activities held for Youth Week but also attracted children to join in this year's Scribblers Golden Feather Hunt with both the Coolgardie and Kambalda Public Library taking part in the festivities. The Golden Feather Hunt encourages young children to explore their library bookshelves and inspires a love for reading. For the Kambalda Public Library the hunt has lead to an increase of new library members with 20 new memberships created within the last month alone. The Shire of Coolgardie is in it's third year taking part in the competition with many lucky winners having found feathers already.

Due to the date change for the Scribblers Festival in Perth, the competition has been extended with the new end day now being Friday 28 May. Children in our communities are still given plenty of time to enjoy the feathered magic.  

Despite many of the feathers discovered already, there is still a few feathers to be found. Mariha who found the Sapphire Feather and one of our youngest library members, Travis who found the Silver Feather last week were certainly in awe to be able to contact the Scribblers Team to collect their spot prizes. Be sure to sign up as a library member for your family to access a number of free eResources and be in for a chance to find yourself a feather too.   

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