Kambalda Aquatic Facility

The Kambalda Aquatic Facility will provide a key sporting tourism asset for the region, as well as providing health and well-being benefits to the local community

Project Background

The Kambalda Aquatic Facility was constructed in 1970 and operated by Western Mining Corporation (WMC). In early 2000's the Shire of Coolgardie inherited the asset when WMC withdrew their presence from Kambalda. Since this time, the Shire has maintained and operated the facility for the benefit of Kambalda residents and other visitors to the region.


The Shire of Coolgardie has secured the following funding support for this project:

  • $1.905M WA State Treasury Loan.
  • $297,000 in Federal Government funding through Australian Sports Commission Community Sport Infrastructure Program.
  • $700,000 in State Government funding through the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries Community Sporting and Recreation Facilities Fund.
  • $200,000 donation from Gold Fields Australia Foundation.

Project Status

Completed works (June 2019)

  • Main demolitions works complete
  • New excavations for pools and balance tanks complete
  • Ground asbestos removal commenced (more to be completed in future)
  • Structural steel shop drawings submitted and approved
  • Pool shop drawings submitted

Completed works (July 2019)

  • Demolition of original filter yard and old pool render
  • New balance tank floor and walls poured
  • WA Department of Health approval received
  • ‘Learn to Swim Pool’ completed
  • Structural steel installed to change rooms
  • First stage of pool plumbing & pipework installed
  • Removal of asbestos piping

Completed works (August 2019)

  •  Concrete works
    - Balance Tank second level for Pool Plant Room
    - New ramp to 50m pool
    - Walls to Learn to Swim pool
  • Roof cover to change rooms
    (in progress)
  • Pool plumbing works
    commenced and ongoing

Completed works (September 2019)

  • Pumps and filters installed
  • Pool plumbing works ongoing
  • Installation of new plant room structure
  • Installation of new office slab and structure

Upcoming works

  • Pool screeding/pool tiling/office and plantroom brickwork/office linings
  • Roof and wall cladding to plantroom and new office

Click here to download Kambalda Aquatic Facility - Project Update November 2019