Kambalda Aquatic Facility

On Monday 10 Jun, the Hon. Mick Murray, Minister for Seniors and Ageing; Volunteering; Sport and Recreation announced funding of $700,000 towards the Kambalda Aquatic Facility through state Government's Community Sporting and Recreation Facilities Funding.

The State Government's support for the project clearly demonstrates the strong working relationship that has developed with the State Government through the assistance of The Hon. Kylie McGinn, MLC, Member for Mining and Pastoral Region.

The Kambalda Aquatic Facility was constructed in 1970 and operated by Western Mining Corporation (WMC). In early 2000's the Shire of Coolgardie inherited the asset as part of the normalisation process when WMC sold off all of their mining operations and withdrew their presence from Kambalda. Since this time, the Shire has maintained and operated the facility for the benefit of Kambalda residents and other visitors to the region. The cost to maintain the pool is approximately $300k per year.

Together with its community, the Shire of Coolgardie's president, Councillors, CEO and staff secured funding support for this project. The Shire recently secured a $1.905M WA State Treasury Loan and $297,000 in Federal Government funding through Community Sporting Infrastructure Funding.

Project Updates

August 19

Gold Fields Australia Foundation donates $200,000 to the Kambalda Aquatic Facility project. The total contribution of State, Federal and mining company investment into the Kambalda Aquatic Facility project reaches $1.187 million.

June 19

The main demolition works as well as the excavations for the pool has now been completed. The next stage of the project includes the demolition of the filter yard and the concrete work.

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