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Building Applications Checksheets & Supporting Documents

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Safety Barriers for Swimming Pools with diagrams 2/03/2016
When NO Building Permit is Required 19/08/2015
Reroof of Dwelling 30/08/2013
BCA Energy & Water Efficiency Verification 30/08/2013
Becoming an Owner Builder 30/08/2013
Building Outbuildings Info Sheet 30/08/2013
Decomissioning of a Septic Apparatus 30/08/2013
Guide to lodging a Demolition Permit Application 30/08/2013
Application for Demolition Licence - Asbestos Assessment Form 30/08/2013
BA1 Application for Building Permit - Certified 30/08/2013
BA1 Guide to lodging Certified Building Application 30/08/2013
BA11 Application for Occupancy Permit - Strata 30/08/2013
BA13 Application for Building Approval Certificate 30/08/2013
BA2 Building Permit Application uncertified 30/08/2013
BA2 Guide to lodging Uncertified permit application BA2 30/08/2013
BA20 Notice & Request for Consent to Work affecting other Land 30/08/2013
BA5 Demolition Permit Application 30/08/2013
BA5 Guide to lodging a Demolition Permit Application 30/08/2013
BA7 Notice of Completion 30/08/2013
BA9 Application for Occupancy Permit 30/08/2013
Water Corp Applications 30/08/2013